In Our Community

communityFriendly Earth International partners with local non-profits across the region to provide free laptops and desktops. In today’s society, we believe the integration of technology in the classroom is a great way to reach diversity in learning styles, and help prepare students for their future careers. We have worked with Eastside Baby Corner, The Seattle Housing Authority and The Young Women’s Christian Association to provide assistance in securing technology to help enhance student’s education.

By participating with Eastside Baby Corner, we have been able to donate over 100 laptops to families in need throughout the Puget Sound area. Take a glimpse of some testimonials from families who have received laptops.



Thanks for the three laptops. They have helped three students in need and I would like to share their stories with you:

Student R: comes from a huge family with more than 7 siblings. She has few things of her own and needs to share everything with everyone. Her father recently injured in the work and they lost a baby before school started. The family has no income at all. The teacher recommended her to receive a laptop not only for classwork but also to help her older siblings to look for jobs and hopefully they can share some financial burdens for the parents.

Student K: from a single parent family. Mom needs to work long hours but still facing the challenges of losing the apartment and utility. After referred her to the related social service agencies we decided to give the student a laptop so she can do her homework without going to library or other people’s home.

Student A: A good student from a struggling single parent family. Mom works from 6:00am with long hours. He has no bike and walks home daily with sibling. He works so hard and tried to catch up. The teacher recommended him and hope this can even encourage him to do more and better.”

– Eastside Baby Corner



“You guys are amazing!! Words from a 16-year-old young aspiring to be a Doctor and discover a cure to Cancer.  Here are a few pictures of young Alex who is a student at Auburn Mountain View High school and will start Running start this September and take on both high school and full time Green River College classes. She Cheers, helps little league Cheer (Go Panthers!), and is trying to get a part time job to help pay for books, gas, cheer, and was supposed to buy a laptop for college. Thanks to you, she has one less thing to worry about. She wanted to say THANK YOU!!”

– Eastside Baby Corner


We are currently running a promotion with Eastside Baby Corner to get as many laptops in the door as possible. These laptops will be audited, tested and refurbished, then donated back to families in need. Please see our flier below.

Laptops For Little Ones Flyer