About Us

Friendly Earth International Inc. is an electronics recycling company located in the heart of Seattle, Washington.

Our mission as an electronics recycler is to reduce the effects of electronic waste on the environment by being committed in seeking alternate ways to recycle, refurbish and reuse electronics intended for disposal. Our operations are also intended to promote continual improvement within our health and safety, data security, and social accountability management systems. This applies to the electronics equipment, property and assets under Friendly Earth International Inc.’s ownership, as well as employees, contract workers, volunteers and interns. At Friendly Earth International, we believe that doing the right thing across all levels of business is paramount to being a leader in the electronics recycling industry.

To further demonstrate our commitment to serving the environment and empowering our communities Friendly Earth International Inc. will always provide verifiable and operational framework to:

  • Protect Customer Data and privacy
  • Protect occupational health and safety, and communities surrounding facilities,
  • Prevent pollution, reduce environmental impacts, and facilitate efficient use of resources,
  • Ensure fair labor practices, specifically excluding forced and child labor, and prison operations for managing hazardous e-waste,
  • Require proper disposal of hazardous e-waste, specifically limiting it from solid waste disposal,
  • Operate in conformity with international laws, treaties, and agreements throughout the Recycling Chain- in essence, preventing toxic waste exports from developed to developing counties.

By recycling a large variety of electronics, we are not only helping to improve the environment but communities as well. We will work with your organization, business or community to make sure that 100% of electronics received by Friendly Earth International will not end up in landfills but will be recycled or reused in order to conserve natural resources and protect the environment.