Who is Friendly Earth?

We’re a national organization serving the Seattle, Washington area dedicated to making our planet a cleaner and safer place by offering FREE recycling services. We are committed to keeping unsafe chemicals out of our landfills and environment by recycling a large variety of electronics (e-Waste) both for individuals and for corporations and believe that giving back to our community is paramount.

By recycling your electronics with Friendly Earth, you’re not only helping to improve your environment, but your community too. We take the proceeds that we receive from recycling and donate that back to charities, shelters, schools, environmentalists, and other organizations in need. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone!

We’ll work with your family, organization, or business to make sure that 100% of the electronics you donate will NOT end up in landfills and will be disposed of safely or refurbished for sale. At Friendly Earth we strive to reuse as much as possible. Any computer related equipment found to be working will be refurbished for resale or donations. We have certified technicians that will remove all data from computers and laptops. All equipment used is DOD certified. If equipment is unusable hard drives will be physically destroyed.

Help make our community a safe, clean place for generations to come by donating all of your used electronics/appliances to Friendly Earth. For more information about our services, contact us at 206-367-4111 or email us at recycle@friendlyearth.org.

For more information about how to safeguard our land and waters from contamination, check out Environmental Protection Agency: www.epa.gov

For more information about how to get involved locally around the Seattle area please visit “People for Puget Sound”: www.pugetsound.com

Did You Know? About 50 million cell phones are replaced worldwide each month, but only 10% are recycled. Recycling a million cell phones this year would reduce greenhouse gas emissions – the equivalent of taking almost 1,500 cars off the road.